Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Operation Wild Ophelia

Side Quest:

 Operation Wild Ophelia

 Gilvert was 77 years old, quite elderly for a spy, he was sent to watch a cleric of St. Peter, in an adventuring party

whose quest it was to bring supplies to a town quarantined by the Plague. Gilbert was rather peturbed, for he heard the

distinct bird call of a do-do bird, and knew he had leave the party, and leave his mission for the time being. He walked

in the direction of the bird call, and saw a light from a mirror flashing out a code from the mountain, G-I-L-B-E-R-T. He

trudged up the mountain, and saw a campire, where an agent was feasting on some goat.
"Could you camp somewhere more decent?" gasped Gilbert, a bit dazed from the climb.
"When I saw you walking I started flashing the light. I was afraid the whole forest would walk here". The agent was a

young lad, just older than manhood.
"That is a directional mirror it only strikes light exactly where you point it" said Gilbert.
"You sure know your stuff. Been a spy long?" said the lad.
"Longer than my age." Gilbert picked up a goat leg and started munching on it.
"Lets get to the point. I'm Ataurd, by the way. We've got a emergency protocol here, the higher ups want you to

investigate what they call a "Pit and Pendulum Alert".
"Its that bad? I'm sladding 77 years old for christ sake. I feel every wound and every scar on my body."
"They think you're the perfect man for the job".
"Spit it out, what the slad is it?" Gilbert was impatient. He wanted to know what was more important than bringing

provisions to thousands of starving, dying plague victims, even more important than the possiblity of saving them and

finding a cure.
"Its Wild Ophelia".
"Wild Ophelia? No shit you're kidding me? I've heard of that place. Haven't been there, but I actually planned to!".

Gilbert laughs.
"So you know what Wild Ophelia is?"
"Yes, it's a Chocolatier and Bordello. I've been wanting to visit that place sometime. Even retire there." Gilbert shakes

his head in laughter, as if he was entertaining himself and getting a kick out of his self-conscious sense of humor.
"Well, here's your chance. You gotta go to Wild Ophelia and be a customer. Eat their Truffles, their chocolates, bed their

women, but.. well, sigh.. ok Gil, here's the deal. Check out these drawings."
"What the Slaaaaaad is that????".
"Yeah, you gotta slaaaaaaay that. Get rid of it"....."Please"..
"So, all these customers are dying at Ophelias?" Gilbert was reading the mission briefing notes, the drawings and

"Yeah, theres some strange kick. Customers are actually paying a lot of money to die at Wild Ophelia's".
"Wait a minute... I'm a old fart, you little shit! How in the flying fuck am I going to slay that?"
"Read the next page"... Gilbert sighs and checks it out.
"Oh yeah...... sure thing here in Alluvium, we all get more expendible with our lives so easy. I always thought life is

precious, it isn't a toy".
"Here's a big bag of gold. Be sure to spend it all in one place: Wild Ophelia's".
"I sure fucking will you little shit" and with that Gilbert howled with laughter.

  Gilbert sat in the coach, dozing off from nimble slumber to taking peeks out the door to see if he was followed or

attacked by any persuers. For an old man, he needed his rest, and hoped to get it. One of the perks of being a spy, was

the rather unlimited budget he had, his coach buggy was luxurious, lined with gilded velvet and ornate designs of cherubs,

with an oval oil painting on the ceiling, of angels soaring in the heavens. A little shelf held an assortment of liquors

and ales. Gilbert chuckled and said, "Why not?" and had a glass of whiskey. There were some ice still left in the ice box.

Another shelf had an assortment of books.
The carriage has come to an abrupt stop, and Gilbert spilled his drink. "Slad".

"Oh Handsome fella! We are so graced by your generous presence". A rather demure girl stuck her head through the carriage

door, her face covered in body paint of the night. Her hair was dyed colors of the night sky, with silver stars sewn into

her bangs, silver stars painted on her skin, and that is all she wore.
"I am Midnight Rose, I am here to-"
another girl stuck her face in, "I am Crying Angel". She had wings, halo, with dark tears strewn down her cheeks. Not much

else is covering her body.
"I am Serene Dusk" She had an ornate scene of the sun settling down painted between her eyes, and also settling down

between other horizons of her curves.
"I am Lush Garden"
"I am Moon Mermaid"
A succession of painted girls were outside the posh coach, eager to recieve their guest, holding baskets of chocolates and

thowing rose petals in his path. The girls kissed Gilbert's cheeks and lips, his hands, his robe, each girl introducing

themselves with their fancy names, fondling Gilbert, giving him hugs and bring him closer to the door, of Wild Ophelia's.

Not your typical tavern, but a rather dashing manor, painted in dark purple, maroon colors, covered with a demure moss

that gave the building a life of its own. It had a storefront window displaying chocolates in little boxes made of various

colors of lingerie. A sign near the door read Wild Ophelia, with a girl with her hair in many directions but in a pleasing

manner, to depict the title in such whimsy.
The parlor was like a chocolate store, with many glass cases of many chocolate truffles of various colors and many

dustings of various colors, some glowed and were phosphorent, some had crystals that shone and flickered many lights, some

were rather dark and sooty as if covered in black ash.
"Ladies, it is a tremendous pleasure to meet you all". Gilbert was beaming. He could not hide his joy. He had no reason

to, for he was like a little kid in a candy store with a sack of money, literally. He felt that way. This was his favorite

mission. "With all the marvelous chocolates here, you girls will have to recommend your favorites". He smiled deep and

wide, baring teeth, ogling the girls with his lustful eyes. He couldn't take his hands off the lucious bottoms of the

girls, so one of the girls brought him a truffle, and fed it to his mouth.
Oh, it was lucid joy. The rapture. Marvelous malcontention, Gilbert sensed he was getting high. He kept feeling pleasure,

as if he was having sex. A boner raged in his leather pants, and he startled for a minute. A boner?? He was wide-eyed. He

threw out a fistful of gold coins in the air, and laughed insanely. The girls laughed with him, and brought him to his

penthouse room, a lavish room filled with velvet tapestries, pillows, exotic animal rugs, and Gilbert, tore off his silk

garbs, and started pawing the girls, licking their bodies. He tasted chocolate and sugars on them, for they were painted

with colored chocolates, colored sugars. He licked them and they licked him in return, covering him in chocolate syrups,

and all forms of lovemaking were done to the fullest. Gilbert has never felt this before. As far as he couldn't remember,

his youthful days he has never felt this pleasure when shagging the girls of the streets. He could go at it over and over.

His boner was strong, youthful, and kept on going. He felt pleasure like he has never felt before. He couldn't believe it.

Tears streamed down his eyes. How could an old man like him, do something hes never even done in his days of ribald youth

as a Casanova Spy? The chocolates has given him sexual stamina that is superhuman. He ate and ate truffle after truffle.

Some were spiked with marijuana, spiked with opium, and other various things he's never heard of or thought even existed.

He could go on and on forever, and it was getting late. Almost a whole day has passed, and the girls kept coming in, more

than 50 girls already. The rugs were filled with chocolate, the beds, the pillows, of passionate, powerful love-making.

Gilbert sensed danger. He had to stop. He couldn't and he had to, he had to get back to his senses. Intoxicated beyond

comprehension, delighfully stoned, high beyond high, drunk beyond drunk, Gilbert was quibbling, drooling, orgasming,

orgasming, orgasming, orgasming..

"Girls, girls.. "
"Gilbert, you want to stop already? It's only been a day?"
"Oh".. "Oh.." "Ooooohhh".. Gilber was still orgasming. "Girls, Girls, this place is messy, lets take a break".
With that, Gilbert fell asleep, orgasming while sleeping. He orgasmed in his sleep, dreaming psychedelic dreams of

otherworldly orgies, if they haven't been otherworldly already.

  It was night. Gilbert slept for at least a day, exhausted, coming down from the powerful sexual aphrodesiacs, shaman

psychotropics, and various herbs. He felt so weak, and so shriveled, and felt withrdrawal effects so painful that he

almost wanted to die to in order to avoid the anquish, the mental and physical torment, his member hurt, in intense pain,

but he felt it covered with a soothing salve, that was cooling it and healing it in restoration. He wondered if he could

ever use it again, he wondered at the alchemical wonders of Wild Ophelia's. They had given an old man a dream come true,

gifting him the treasure of pleasure, for most men his age couldn't dream of getting it up, to go at it, to do the in and

out, the hanky-panky in the sultry shanty. One night of that was enough to last a lifetime. He quivered, aching for more

pleasure, the longer he waited, the more painful he felt. He lived out his war wounds, feeling every blade hit his body,

feeling the blades as cold as ice and hot as flame, he shivered, and broke out in a cold sweat, felt empty inside, void,

the anquish of emptiness, of nextipi, he felt himself spiraling, into a bottomless pit, where there was no structure, no

architecture, no logic he could hold onto, no form, it was formless, without holds, without anything to grip on, he felt

himself falling and not falling, flying and not flying, he almost thought he would lose all control of his senses, of

reality, that anything he could think would have no meaning, and lose it's meaning, where he looked, lost it's rationality

in the process of being. It was the void, he felt nothing. It was a good thing his war wounds gave him pain, it's what

brought him back to reality, something to grip onto. To hold onto. He gasped.

"He's awake. Quick, give him some of those black truffles", said Gumdrop Dreams.
Gilbert moaned. He felt an intense hangover unlike a drunk's hangover, but one of opium withdrawal. He saw some scary

hallucinations. He saw the faces of those he slain in battle, wailing in pain, he saw the monsters he has fought, coming

to life from the edifices of reality, and yet were not there.
"Gil Darling, have some of this". She propped the black sooty gumdrop into his mouth. He retched, coughed, as he chewed

it, the ashes puffing from his mouth. Color came to Gil's face, the grimace and madness left his face and eyes, and

started to look serene. He felt the pain and withdrawal effects fading away.
"Gil, my Handsome Prince, do you want to do it again"? teased Bunnybutt Kisses.
He rose from bed as a man renewed. The black truffle was doing it's magic.
"Girls, what the slad is this? It tastes like mildew and spores from a subterrean cave."
"Tee hee, thats probably where it came from. You feel better, don't you?". Bunnybutt Kisses was massaging Gilbert while

Gumdrop Dreams was doing his nails.
"Yes I do. It tastes awful beyond human comprehension, but wow, it's very curative.". Gilbert beamed.
"Do you want to do it again" whispered Gumdrop Dreams, in a low, sultry tone.
Gilbert knew he had to play his part. He had to fight back the temptation to feel like a super-teenager in bed again.
"Girl, I need to do some business. I have a meeting". It was all Gil could muster to fight back the urge.
Gumdrop Dreams looked at him in wide surprise. Bunnybutt Kisses giggled, her nude body painted all over, scenes of bunnies

kissing each others butts.

They helped Gil dress, into his leather pants, silk shirts, and leather cloak. They escored him through the manor. Sounds

of loud, uninhibited moans of pleasure were heard past the ornate walls. The place was teeming with hundreds of painted

girls, painted in colored chocolates and colored sugars. They had colored wigs, that suited the theme of their skin-

plaster of esoteric, exotic chocolate psychotropics. The manor was a palace, posh in velvet tapestries, emroidered

tapestries of orgies, of satyrs chasing after nymphs, a common theme to the decor. Likewise, statues of Satyrs chasing

after Nymphs was resplendant throughout the halls and rooms. Oil paintings of naked girls shone in the distorted lights

from mozaic glass windows. Harps and various musical instruments were played by the girls, singing songs of enchantment.

Gilbert almost wept, at the thought of leaving this place, but he needed to see his agent. He felt he had to play the role

of a rich merchant, getting on to some urgent business. After all, time is money, and where love is money, the girls of

Wild Ophelia understood that too. To each girl he handed them tips as he passed by.

   Gilbert waved goodbye to the girls who gave him a farewell reception, and he threw a fistful of gold coins in the air.

He stepped into the ornate coach and slept for the short half hour duration where he arrived in a Farhamington, a market

city by the sea that served as a trade center. It was perfect in approximation to the manor that was isolated in the

wilderness, which served as a becon to all merchants who had the gold coin. Gilbert trudged to the A Infamy In Court, a

well-known tavern that many merchants travelled to experience the latest in jester and acrobatic entertainments while

dining on fine cusines inspired by the spices that travelled from all corners of the world. He pretended to drink his

beer, not wanting to add any more to his rather still intoxicated chemistry. He felt tired and worn out, but the healing

salves on his body and the black truffles worked wonders. A girl in red velvets went up to him and said, "What is yellow,

and not yellow?" and Gilbert replied, "A Sunflower".
"I am Valentina, please follow me, Fritz is waiting for you".
Gilbert sighed and nodded. They went up the stairs and Valentina did a secret knock on the door.
"Who is it?"
"Its is your Mistress in distress", said Valentina.
The door opened. "Come in". Fritz was a man in his fifties, with a scar across his cheek, and looked like a chess player

devising a winning plan or a war strategist plotting something cunning. He was dressed in all leathers.
"Gil, why did you stop?"
"Fritz.. I can't go on.. I mean, it's not that I can't do it, I mean, wow, their stuff is top-notch, it's beyond anything

that the universities studied or even known of".
"Gilbert, it was all explained in the mission briefing on how you were to accomplish and finish the mission".
"Fritz, this stuff they are using, is forbidden knowledge. Its forbidden. It doesn't mean it doesn't exist, it's what the

Churches call forbidden knowledge. It's witchcraft, the experiences are occult."
"I know, Gilbert. Theres stuff that science can't explain or cannot explain. This world is old, Gilbert, and it isn't a

surprise that this earth, has magic, it has magic that gives humans the ability to use power divined by demons".
"Sigh. Fritz, I don't want to feel their influence. I don't want to associate with demons."
Both Gilbert and Fritz were silent. They both have done many witch-hunting missions, and both have slain many summoned

demons. They lived out many nights of hellish nightmares, waking up with cold sweats.
"One must not have fear" said Fritz.
"You are right.. I must pray. Let us pray".
"Yes, Yes, of course".
Both Gilbert and Fritz nodded their heads in prayer, praying hard, intensely.
"Angels, Angels, help me. I feel so.. so.. so.. weird."
"Angel Gabrielle help us, guide us. We are at your mercy. Angel Gabrielle, gaurd us with they wings, give us wisdom".

Fritz prayed out loud, raising his hands, looking to the sky, speaking to angels that he felt were there, but no one can

Gilbert begged. "Angel Gabrielle, have mercy, on me."
Gilbert was sobbing. "Angels, Angels, Angels" he whispered.
Both were in deep meditation.
"Stay strong. You can do this" said Fritz.
"Alright. Here's the plan. I'm gonna need to flash more gold. I want to talk to the properitress, and inquire about

opening another chain of Wild Ophelia and offer to open another of their business for top dollar. This way, I can see

their alchemy labs and secrets".
"Gilbert, I like the plan, but it reeks, its gonna be very risky. We have the finances, but it might expose you or make

you suspicious. Already you probably have aroused suspicion."
"Well, Im a rich merchant, remember? The market is right outside and I could be buying some shares of currency".
"True, true, I know".
A secret knock at the door. "Who is it".
"Its your little princess".
"Come in". Another girl came in. Valentina was already in the room, spying out the window with a monocle.
"Sir Fritz, I have to report that Gilbert was followed. The spy is downstairs."
"Alright. Gilbert, go to the market and let them follow you. Have them watch you make some bids. Tommorow the currency of

the Bulga will increase, so bid on that, buy at least 100,000 gold coins of it. Its all rigged and ready to go." Gilbert

nodded, drank a huge pitcher of water, and took his leave. He went to the stalls, and urinated for a long, long time.
He went downstairs, laughed at the sight of the jesters juggling wine cups, letting the wine drop from the top wine in

flight to the bottom wine in hand, in a cycle.
Valentina walked by the spy, waved the edge of her cloak on him, and Gilbert noticed, and tipped his pompous velveteen hat

with a large white peacock feather.
With that, Gilbert walked outside to the market. It was teeming with life, thousands of merchants offering their wares of

anything you could think of to all kinds of stuff you wouldn't get in a village. Miles and miles of tents and wagons of

goods for sale. Furs, grain, fruits, meats, fish, pots, ceramics, ores, metals, it was overwhelming, and tens of thousands

walked through the market all day and night, haggling and haggling. Many arbitators were staffed to handle violent haggles

and were given a fee to determine a fixed price in a haggle. Sometimes the guards were needed in violent haggles,

unsatisfactory barters. Seeing dancing girls on a stage made him faint, he fell, wanting to return to Wild Ophelia's for

more pleasure. A boy picked him up, "You O.K. Mister?".
"Yes, my lad. Here is a coin". He handed the boy a gold coin.
The boy jumped with joy, and bowed, "Thank you Mister".
Gilbert then trudged to the Square, where a large wall displayed the various prices of currency and the conversion

He saw the Bulga, a large coin from the military city, which was etched with an image of a fortress, for sale. He called

out to the staff, and said, "Ill buy as much Bulga as much as my 100,000 Letcher will get".
"Will do, sire". The staff boy brought him a very large bag of Bulga. "Will that be all, sire?"
"Yes, thank you". And with that, Gilbert went back to the A Infamy In Court, and ate a duck dinner with Valentina, and

watched the Acrobats do all kinds of balancing acts, standing upside down on each other's heads.
Gilbert then went up to his room with Valentina and fell into a deep sleep, with Valentina on gaurd watch.
Fart. Gilbert farted. Valentina sighed.
"Good morning Sire. Did you sleep well?"
"Ah yes. Ill have breakfast and then go back to Wild Ophelia's".
"No problem. Your bag of Bulga, the value has increased. Each Bulga is worth at least 10 Letcher now. Go and trade it in.

Make sure the spy follows you."
"Wow, you guys sure run a good racket here. Does the Acciaioli family know you guys are doing this?"
"Actually, no. They're the ones doing the racket but we know which coins they fix".
"Haha. You?"
Valentina blushed. She nodded.
"You're such a good girl". Gilbert kissed her on the cheek.

 It was Night. As dark night can be, the darkness of night is predictable, we expect night. But tonight, it was nightier

than night. Darker than dark. So dark, that it illuminated whatever light source could illuminate. It made light an

illusion, a spectre, a phantom. The moon was hidden behind clouds, which cloud? An owl cries in the night. One is blinded

by any light source in this darkness, say, a candle. A cat snarls and hisses. Its' eyes glow in the night, it becomes two

little moons to the little critters that burrow beneath leaves on the dirt.
Gilbert waved to the rider of the coach. He waved back, but did not leave.
Wild Ophelia was a shroud of darkness itself, like a cloak, and inside that cloak, was faintly glowing painted windows,

mozaic windows, that hummed varous colors. A few lamps shone red. The sign was illuminated by a red lamp. The storefront

display of truffles in lingerie was lit by red candles.
He was greeted by another sucession of painted girls, holding red candles, with dancing red flames, that gave their faces

an errie, red light.
"I am Sunshine Maiden". Rays of golden sun shown from her hair. They were chocolate. She was all golden and yellow.
"I am Nyphette Statue". She was painted in marble-like renderings, very similar to the nymphette statues ostentatiously

displayed througout the mansion.
"I am Tasty Ghost". She looked like a ghost, glowing phosphorent, with various candies tied in her hair and what-nots.
"I am Cherry Delight". Real cherries adorned her body.
"I am Minty Mountains". Painted with majestic views of ice-covered mountains, her breasts were mountainious, and one

wanted to 'mount' her.
All the girls in the reception kissed Gilbert, and led him into the mansion, throwing rose petals and feeding Gilbert

It being the weekend, Wild Ophelias was a madhouse. The moans were insane and loud. The musicians played the harps, lyres

and flutes, in unsion with the moans of pleasure. Everything was lit by red lamps, red candles. Even the fires in the

fireplace glowed an eerie red. Girls ran all over the place, chased by customers. Some dressed like satyrs for the

occassion. Laughing maniacally. Gilbert was stoned from the truffles. He had a raging boner, and soon, started to laugh

maniacally, and picked up some Satyr horns he found on a table, and put them on, chasing he girls, laughing maniacally,

grabbing them, kissing them, fondling them, licking them, pawing their breasts, squeezing their fine butts.
"Oh girls, lets go to my room" he said.
They took him by the arm, to his room, an ornately painted palace, murals of wild orgies, of girls in animal masks doing

the thing with satyrs.
"Wow, look at all the Letcher" said Spider Muffin.
"Bags and Bags of it. Did you slay a Dragon for it?", purred Mousey Kitten.
"Why yes I did ladies! I did it for you! I slayed Firespitter the Mean". Gilbert then danced around the room, telling the

girls the stories of his slaying Firespitter the Mean. How he did it, how Firespitter fell for his cunning plan that

require brains and no brawn.
"Girls, I need to talk to the properitress. I wish to open another Wild Ophelia, thousands and thousands of miles from

"I am here, Gilbert. You wish to discuss business?" exclaimed a voice, as of one of expectation, not surprised to be

called for, but waiting, for such a beckon. "I am Wild Ophelia, at your service". She looked young, a girl of teenage

years, very young, but in her eyes, it could not hide, her true age, for her eyes did not shine innocence, but vicious

mischief, and betrayed her true age, which could be very long to anyones guess, perhaps centuries.
A scream, louder than the exalting moans of pleasure, for the moaners delighted in being heard, they wanted to voice out

their pleasure, for it was a moan of delight. This scream, was one of pleasure, not of a usual one of pain or horror, but

of all combined, a moaning scream, so loud, that it drowned out the din of moans and laughters and bacchantal music.
Wild Ophelia sighed. Her skin was pure white, her dress black, with lingerie a shade of absinthe. Her hair was the color

of absinthe. She looked so much the lolita, the jail-bait. "Pardon me, sir. But sometimes, not all customers react to our

alchemy the same way. That is the risks one takes, just as one knows the risks of getting drunk, or the risks of taking

black market drugs."
"Indeed, Ophelia, I am quite aware of that. I am sure that the price of pleasure was well worth that man's demise".
"It is what he wanted, he signed a Life Expiation Agreement Contract".
"Let me get to the point, and I do mix business with pleasure". Gil chuckled, and Ophelia chuckled in return. "I wish to

be in joint business with you, as a partner, to open another Wild Ophelia, way out past the Crowns of Frost."
Ophelia laughed, giggling. "You are not the first, and many have offered vast amounts of treasures, Wild Ophelia is not

for sale, nor could I venture to open a joint business with anyone".
"But, but.. " Gil pleaded, "How can those who cannot travel to this part of the world experience much pleasure?"
"Let us come to my office". Ophelia chided. "We can discuss this further." She took Gil by the arm, and led him past the

merry revelers in the halls, past bronze statues and drippping erotic fountains, past indoor gardens, orgies of rapture,

orgies of inhibition. Gil has wondered that a museum or a castle would have far less tapestries and oil paintings, and of

course, far less of erotic ones- for they all were erotic art, posing nudes in a suggestive manner, all kinds of strange

sex positions were suggested, all kinds of fetishes and perversities. Finally, they went to a staircase, which led to a

lonely penthouse in a secluded wing of the mansion, where gaurds were posted, and bowed to them both.
Fart. Gil farted, and Ophelia giggled. The gaurds did their best not to notice.
Ophelia's room was like bright absinthe, the glass windows shone green, from an unearthly light, for it was night outside.

The walls were covered in phosphorent green moss, gilding around the lush ornate paintings and tapestries. Gil noticed,

that the girls were making love to something more than a Satyr- it was a devil, with wings, and a long tail. Gilbert

shuddered at the thought and looked away. Ophelia's bed was large, as if enough for twenty-something people. Covered in

various exotic animal furs, some so exotic with patterns he has never seen.
"Let us discuss business". crooned Ophelia. She laid herself on the bed, as if she was already writhing from sexual

pleasure. A girl from nowhere brought chocolates.
"Yes, we do mix pleasure with business". Gil prayed on the inside, hoping he wasn't getting into something too serious.
Ophelia placed a glowing chocolate truffle into Gil's mouth. With that, Gilbert was moaning with pleasure at the taste of

it. It was the taste of sex, and with it's taste, brought instant sexual pleasure. It was Rose Orgasm, the truffle was

aptly named, and it instantly gave Gilbert a hard boner like a young strapping oak of a man.. or of a satyr. Gilbert felt

himself changing, he started to grow horns, and he looked at the ceiling mirror, and saw a satyr in the mirror, as she

pounded and pounded away at the lolitasque Ophelia, small and waifish, with long green swamp hair, wailing with pleasure,

her moans were loud, and musical, as if she sang the opera singer sang, a opera style of the moan, it was beautiful to

hear, and it heightened Gilbert's senses with pleasure. Gilbert kept cumming and pounding and cumming on Ophelia, shagging

and shagging the night away. Gilbert was in a trance, and saw, visions, of Satyrs running afer nymphs in a lush forest,

filled with gardens of howling excatsy, of a romp, a forest filled with hundreds of nymphs.. he saw the visions, and saw

himself transfigured, running after the forest nymphs, shagging them, one after one, by the hundreds, and with each one he

shagged, he was shagging Ophelia. Gilbert couldn't believe his eyes, as he looked at the ceiling mirror in between his

pyschedelic visions. He saw his Satyr form shag this little nymphette, he felt pleasure that was indescribable, that was

so heavenly, so healing, that he felt he was reborn, refreshed, a new man, birthed out of orgasm, birthted out of the new

womb of pleasure, with each inch and stroke of his cock thrusting into Ophelias wet tight pussy and loving mouth, he felt

that it was the creation of the world, a creation of a new universe, as if it all started with one shag, and that one shag

created many shags. That shagging created shagging. He could see stars and nebulae and galaxies form out of the cum he

sprayed all over Ophelia. She was the universe, and with each cum droplet became a star, a planet, a galaxy. The cum

dripping on her face formed into milky ways that formed our galaxy. She became Terra, a planet hospitable to life, and the

cum dripping on her became air and water, and plants grew and animals lived, where talking bears gathered to play Honey

Bingo, where talking rabbits gathered to play dice for carrots. As each cum star shone on her face, flowers grew and the

talking bees danced in a circle, the talking butterflies kissed each other and the flowers spoke and kissed each other as

well. As Ophelia would open her eyes, staring at Gilberts largely engrossed member in her mouth, the cum on her face

formed galaxies and galaxies that revealed to Gil strange new worlds to explore, to sexplore. Gilbert felt he was cumming

out life to the Universe, and Ophelia was giving life to the Universe by receiving his cum, tasting it and wearing it as

one would wear pearl as jewels. The orgasms that Ophelia and Gilbert had, was the orgasms of the Universe shagging,

kissing, love-making. The talking bears danced in circles, holding each other's hands. An Unicorn galloped throughout the

darkness, squirting rainbows of cum among the stars. The dancing bears walked on these rainbows, so they could see the

Universe as tourists and take polaroid pictures. A pink flamingo crooned a song:

Don't get too misty eyed
Don't let it get to you
You know it'll be all over
all too soon
all too soon

The Owls cry in the Night
over burning forest
where the deer flees in flight
under the moon
under the moon

Let the Knight have it's Day
with Sword held proudly
before Death has it's say
feel the doom
feel the doom

Fair Maiden drops a glove
gives a discreet wink
always looking for love
she wants it lewd
she wants it lewd

   Gilbert awoke, feeling intense pleasure, he felt a high of no return, a road where one cannot turn back. The road that

goes ever on and on. Gilbert knew it was too late. He was going somewhere and he didn't like it. Somewhere with this high,

with this altered state he was in. He knew he couldn't be sober again. He looked at the ceiling mirror, and saw his satyr

form. He was piquied. He had an intense drive for more sex, for more pleasure, and he knew this was it. He knew he could

never stop shagging, never stop fucking. He do something before it was too late. Violently horny, Gilbert had to do

something, for he was horny at the point of no return. He was Satyr, and he felt he could never be human again. He decided

to awaken Ophelia.
"Ophelia my dear" He touched Ophelia's tight ass, and began to kiss it. She began to stir, her absinthe swamp green hair

flowing with a life of it's own.
"Ah, my handsome Gilbert. You were wonderful".
It was too late already. Gilbert was munching on Ophelias nice tight ass and tasty pussy. Ophelia began moaning in

delight. And thus, another magical lovemaking session of psychedelic visions of satyrs and nymphs and the universe and

dancing bears and a unicorn cumming rainbows.
Gilbert become more disoriented, and started to lose his ego in the process, losing his identity, his memories. He

couldn't remember who he was, or what his careers were, or any of his adventures. All he could think of is sex. All he

could think of was sex and sexual fantasies, and could only feel that he could function in life as only a flamoyant

casanova, a lusty bed ninja.

   Fart. Gilbert farted. "Oh yeah, that reminds me. I wanted to build another Wild Ophelia".
"There cannot be another one on this planet, my dear Gil."
"Well I could build a brothel on my own, I could build a-" Gilbert began to weep. "I could never leave you, Ophelia! I

could never leave this place"!
"There, there my dear. Now you understand.". Ophelia hugged and consoled Gilbert, who was weeping at the mere thought of

leaving Ophelia or her place.
"I will never leave you Ophelia" Gilbert sobbed. "I will never, never, leave this place".
"Yes, Gilbert, you shall stay with us."
"All that Letcher, the 1,000,000 Letcher, is yours, Ophelia. I am yours, Ophelia."
"Yes, Gilbert, you have paid, you are now a permanent resident of Wild Ophelia, where you shall spend all your days in

rapture, shagging and shagging".
"I love you, Ophelia. I love you insanely". Gilbert growled.
"I love you too, Gilbert... Gil, I have a place to run, I am the properitress here".
"No, I must have you now!" Gilbert growled, he was a very horny satyr.
"Later Gilbert. I have hundreds of girls to manage here. Ill see you soon, Gilbert. Here, all the girls are yours, so now,

play with them.".
Gilbert started to weep, whining and whimpering like a begging animal. He got on his knees and was kissing Ophelia's feet,

her legs, her knees, her pussy, her tight ass..
"Gilbert, I will call you when I am ready." and with that she left, her absinthe green hair flowing with a life of it's

Gil was howling, his satyr form was howling like a horny animal. His cock was raging and hard.

   He went out of Ophelias room, to an indoor garden, where he found many girls, and began to shag them, like a wild bunny

in heat. He howled with pleasure. The girls brought him many lingerie pillows of truffles, and he ate them greedily,

wanting more and more chocolate truffles, spiked with marijuana, spiked with opium, spiked with many unknown psychotropics

that brought unknown highs of delight. He kept shagging, shagging. He shagged the girls, he shagged Pink Deer (a girl), he

shagged Lady Knight, he shagged Lady on the Moon, he shagged Beautiful Goblin, he shagged Naughy Ninja, he shagged Viking

Valkyrie, he shagged Creepy Cherub, he shagged Treewoman, he shagged Pretty Troll, he shagged Cute Wraith, he shagged and

shagged in the indoor garden, and gorged himself chocolates of evil among flowers of evil.

   Fart. Gilbert farted. He came to his senses for a second and remembered his mission. Without hestitation, he went to

the erotic library, where, no one was reading, but shagging, and when he thought no one was looking, he pulled on the copy

of "Our Fair Lady of Malconent" and the library bookcase swung open, and he went inside. He could tell where the library

case opened, because it had the least dust, and the "Our fair Lady of Malconent" was not covered with dust, but had finger

prints on it. His Satyr senses were heightened, and he could smell and feel a tunnel behind the bookcase. He could feel

the drugs he wanted was down below, where he could get more. His satyr senses gave him a sense of direction, a sense of

direction for more pleasure, a drug-divination where one uses addiction to find more of the drug. He pranced down the

stairwell, hoping that no one has seen him open the bookcase, for he knew they were too intoxicated and too out of reality

to even notice what he was doing, or even care. There were no gaurds in the library. The stairwell was all pitch black,

but Gilbert could see in the dark with his satyr senses. He could make out any detail if he wanted to. He snuck carefully,

when he approached the laboratory. It was filled, from wall to wall, tons of shelves of jars and jars of rare speciments

of plants, essensces, botanicals, flowers, bulbs, seeds, lichen, mosses, roots, from all parts of the world. Being fairly

large, the laboratory was a huge storeroom of the rarest psychotropic plants that could create the most powerful

psychedelic trips, some that are rather poisonous and toxic, and would gauranteed produce some very scary bad trips, some

that are rather unknown to the science world. Wild Ophelia has a staff to travel to the far reaches of the planet, to find

whatever her alchemical pot needed. Glass vials and glass tubes of many sizes were laid out on a table, with many

instruments an alchemist needed. Several laboratory staff where busy, immersed in their work to notice him. Gilbert's

satyr senses told him where some drugs he craved were, but he fought hard to ignore them for the time being, to

investigate. He sneaked around the laboratory, sneaking past the staff, to the door, where he went even more downstairs, a

very long, long spiral downstairs, which seemed to go on many, many floors beneath the surface. He had to use his

lockpicks to get past this door, for inside, was an altar to some long-forgotten false god, a devil, of which wasn't in

any of Gilbert's witch-hunting beastiaries, or any demonologist's tome. It was nasty, for some reason, no matter what form

it could take, for it looked like a normal devil, but no matter what form it was, it was nasty, disgusting, repulsive.

Just to look at it made Gilbert shudder with repulsion, with disgust. He couldn't look at it without feeling so base, so

vile, so disgusted. He couldn't imagine why, just to look at a statue of some devil, made him feel so freaked out,

overwhelmed. Even in his satyr form, he was still human, and he had a spirit, and he could feel to the extent of his

being, of some strong pull of something so creepy about the statue he looked at. He ran back up the stairs, and crept past

the laboratory, back into the library, where he found Wild Ophelia, with her gaurds. She stared at him angrily, as if she

felt betrayed, fooled.
"Ophelia! I wanted to get high! There was more of those nuggets downstairs".
"Everything you need to get high is up here, Gil!"
Gilbert started weeping. "I thought that since I gave you 1,000,000 letcher, I could walk roam about freely".
"You thought correct, Gilbert. You did pay your price for your stay here. However, there are rules of conduct. You must

ask permission".
"I love you insanely, Ophelia." Gil got on his knees, and started kissing Ophelia's feet.
"Gilbert, you must visit me later tonight, after the girls feed you certain chocolates. We shall have a ceremony and you

are involved." With that, Ophelia turned and left, while the gaurds remained. The girls taunted and teased Gilbert,

coaxing him to a passionate orgy session in the library, while the guards stood, watching. He was fed tons of truffles, he

ate them off the girls bodies and butts, munching the girls butts, licking the chocolate paint from their tight bottoms,

from their legs, from their breasts. Crews of artists came in to paint the diadoramas on the girls where Gilbert licked.

Gilbert howled, he felt so high, it was the high of no return, more and more he could get higher and higher, hornier and

hornier, and he kept on orgasming, orgasming, spraying torrents of cum on the girls, and kept on shagging and shagging and

shagging and shagging, he saw visions of Satyrs running after Nymphs in an ancient forest, that somehow became the

universe giving birth to itself through it's intercourse, the galaxianas recieved his milky way of cum and new worlds were

created. Each sperm was a star, and the spray of jism was a milky way in the galaxy. He saw gumdrop visions of sugarplum

bears dancing on rainbows that came from a Unicorn's penis.

   Ophelia entered the room with the gaurds. "Its time" she said. "Give Gilbert a bath, and feed him some of the Rose

Orgasm truffles". The guards and girls led Gil to a room, a large open bath, that had natural hot spring water flowing in

marble pools of posh ornate intracity. A waterfall from the ceiling went down a wall, to cool heads. Tons of girls rinsed

themselves off under the waterfall and then entered pools of hot springs. The girls lathered Gil in lather, making him

more hornier than ever. They dried him and dressed him in fine silks, and perfumed him. They took him to a feast, where he

gorged on duck, vension, bison, buffalo, boar, fruits and veggies. He drank fine wine like it was water. The dining room

was filled with succulent dishes like a King's feast, everyday. Gilbert was happy, horny, and losing every sense of his

identity. He was an satyr, an animal that only knew, think, and could do only one thing: Shagging. Gilbert grunted and

growled, and howled.

   Gilbert was led by the guards and girls, the girls threw rose petals everywhere, singing songs of enchantment.

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